Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Are you thinking ahead?

My friend called today to ask what I've been up to in the craft department. These are creations I made from wool sweaters that I felted. They are actually made with the scraps I had leftover from scarves. Here is the shop I saw on etsy that inspired me to make mine. Love the gray wool felt bowl with little felt hearts. The one with "LOVE" spelled out in beads also tops my list. Here is the link cosedolci.etsy.com .

I've been eyeing this sweet little couple now for quite some time. Most of you probably know this shop marmeecraft.etsy.com .

Today is my wonderful husband 's birthday. I wonder if he really knows how much I love him? He is so kind and generous to me everyday. I'm not talking diamond rings and Cadillacs generous but the kind that comes from something bigger than material goods.

Is there something you made that is Valentine's Day related? Do you have your eye on something?

Have a wonderful day!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

My love for star shaped ornaments continues...

I found these in a shop in Iowa City, Iowa called Artisan Gallery. It is located downtown in the Old Capitol pedestrian mall. My parents and I went there last Tuesday to go out for a nice lunch to celebrate Dad's birthday. It was bone chilling cold but we really wanted to get out of the house. The stars and snowflake ornaments are two-sided and are so nicely done. they are made by Des Moines based business Sticks. This is a link to their website http://www.sticks.com/installations.html. If you go to their website and look at past work they installed in libraries, campuses, and hospitals you will be amazed at their wonderful creations!
I love this mirror! I unfortunately don't have the funds to buy it but I'll put it on my wish list. :)
What wonderful messages for all of us and I love the seemingly simple artwork.
And if you happen to go to Iowa City check out New Pioneer Coop. It has lots of organic foods and I loved their hot case. I didn't eat the maple pork loin because we were going out for lunch at a restaurant but I thought it looked delicious. I can testify that the Broccoli Swiss and Mushroom soups they let me sample were delicious! Next time I find myself in Iowa City on a warmer day, I'm going to grab a cup of soup, some of their freshly baked bread, have a little picnic and watch the world go by. You may wonder why I would take pictures of a hot case. My husband manages a deli style kitchen and I like to give him unsolicited advice. :)

Hope you are all staying warm!


Monday, January 4, 2010

More Art for the Art Project

This year for the Muscatine Art Center Mosaic Project I brought home nine canvasses to distribute among my family. I had a leftover canvas and did this angel. It is reminiscent of the russian iconic angels.
And this was my hubby's attempt. Can you tell who he'll be rooting for in this year's Orange Bowl? I was so impressed with his ability. He hasn't done anything like this since he was in school.

The sales from these little works of art go directly to the Art Center. It is a blind buy so for $20 you take a chance. I love going to the artists' reception so you can put a face with the beautiful works of art. It just is so much fun to do these together as a family. My Dad has also done a couple and I will post them soon.
Hope you all have a beatiful day and that it is warmer where you are than it is here in frigid Iowa!