Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daytripping in Historic LeClaire Iowa

Aren't these yard stakes made out of old metal items so funny?

Love the one made with an old blue mason jar!

This was the most charming shop, "Grasshoppers".

This is the mosaic Welcome in front of the store "Artworks". Also a very neat place to shop!

This was a very colorful window as shot from the inside of "Artworks". It was really different with all the patterns and materials.

This is Buffalo Bill Cody's hometown and it is so charming on the beautiful banks of the Mississippi! My Mom, Sister and Cousin visited this town a couple of weeks ago and we absolutely loved spending the day together. There is also a riverboat museum and Buffalo Bill exhibit and of course antique stores and home furnishing stores.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Make me one and Pics of the new kitty!

My sister found this in a boutique on our little trip to LeClaire, Iowa and wants me to make her one. I know I can do one but not sure if it would be that pretty when I'm done. Isn't it just the cutest banner, tho?
Introducing Jazzpurr (Jasper) our new little bundle of teeth and claws. He only drew blood on two of us today:)

Here he is trying to sleep on my husband's hand as he moves the "mouse" on the mousepad.
I'll try to post pictures of out daytrip to Leclaire tomorrow I'm getting SLEEPY and the cat keeps stepping on the keyboard.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun with buttons and a new addition!

I'm going through my sister's things. She had an antique shop that was closed after 20 years in the business. Everything has sat in a trailer in my parents yard for a very long time now so I am grabbing stuff out and listing it on ebay. I figure to use the money to fund a vacation for all of us (my parents, sister and her girls and the boys and I). So far I've made enough money to go to the Amana Colonies about an hour and half from here and buy everyone a lunch:)
I helped my Mom and Dad list some more of my Dad's buttons. He must've been feeling American or Pepsi with this design.

More fun with my Dad's buttons. He did very well on his last set so we just put more on ebay. I had to share with you this tray that my Dad designed. Can you make out the smiley face?
In other non-ebaying news, my husband forbid my mother from bringing home a kitten from a flea market for my 7 year old son. Of course it was "free" and he turned on the water works for Grandma. So we got a new kitten. He is so cute with smokey grey fur and blue eyes! I will post a picture of him when my camera battery gets recharged. Oh and by the way who does the kitty like best? If you guessed my husband you'd be right! Hee Hee!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just playing around with Arts & Crafts

This is an auction on eBay I put on for my parents. This is an auction for 1000 vintage buttons.

I love experimenting with Fridas. The Frida on the left is painted on a piece of scrap muslin and the one on the right is on a piece of canvas. I figure while I'm practicing why use up canvases. I had fun making my version of this cute little dollie. There is a free template for her at Martha Stewart's website. She is from the Etsy powerhouse seller Black Apple.

I sat down a couple days ago and had an art day with the kids and I was trying to do an Uncle Sam. This is my first attempt since grade school of doing a whole body so I know I need more practice to get the porportions right but overall I kinda like his folk art look.
Today I am going to the little town of LeClaire, Iowa with my Mom, Sis and cousin Merideth. My incredibly smart cousin is going to be in Moscow, Russia for the next 10 months working for a fellowship. We feel lucky that we get to spend the day with her in a charming Mississippi River town. I'll take some pictures and report back with any goodies that I find there.