Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My version of a fabric organizer

I have seen three different versions of similar organizers on They all were cool but I wanted to try to make a custom one for me. Here is what I came up with today. The pocket on the left hand side of the organizer offers a great way to protect my post cards from the sweet and talented Heather from Audrey Eclectic. This is her blog

These are the supplies needed to make one. I used a heavy interfacing and fusible fleece along with a 1/2 yard each of tan linen fabric and a pretty cotton print I found at JoAnn's. Of course you need thread and a sewing machine. I didn't have a pattern but I had a small notebook that I used to design my pattern around.

This is what it looks like closed. The ribbon came from Cris at Mommy's Midwest Mountain Folk Art Studio (visit her blog here )when I bought an adorable kitty angel from her off ebay. I also used a vintage pearl button from my stash to loop the ribbon around for a closure.

This is so much cooler than carrying around my stuff in a grocery sack. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thanks Cookie!

TDIPT Group (To Dwell in Past Times) just had their third anniversary for their group of awesome artists. They had a giveaway and look what I was fortunate enough to win! This is an amazing piece of art donated by artist Karen DeGreve aka "Cookie". This mask is made of paper mache and is just perfect for hanging on the wall. Here is a link to her blog. out her latest post of Fall leaves in No. Missouri. She obviously has a wonderful creative eye with her camera as well!
Thank you so much Cookie! It is a treasure for my family to enjoy for years to come!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pesky cat and Fireplace makeover

This is a picture of the kitty's behind. He actually climbed underneath the couch and somehow managed to climb into the bottom of the couch. This is also the reason I was woke up at least three times last night! Naughty kitty!

My fireplace just got its mantle thanks to my parents. My Mom's nagging and my Dad's handiwork. Just a little staining left to do. He had leftover pieces when he got done, should I be scared?
I found this picture to show what the fireplace used to look like. Big improvement I think!

Another picture of our craft show we did. Almost everything we put on this table sold. We bought the metal pumpkins at Goodwill and spray painted them silver. A lady came by and bought them both. The little pumpkins with the ribbons were just dollar store pumpkins spray painted with ribbons attached. One lady bought all we had! My sister had a great time using up my german glass glitter to bling several of the things she made. Almost everything on this table was done by her. She really liked the idea black, white and silver for Halloween this year.

This is a great picture of some of my kinfolk. This is for you Aunt Char!
Wishing you a beautiful time!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Who wants to see my Hooters?

This probably wasn't the first thing that popped into your head was it? Tee hee. These are the cute little owls I made from wool sweaters that I felted in the washing machine. I love how these turned out. My sister loved them so much she now is the proud owner of five of them. Happy October birthday to you!
Who gives a hoot? I do of course. I took this set to a craft show yesterday but it didn't sell for $10. I can't tell you how many hours it took me to paint this but its okay because I will decorate my own house with it:)

This is my Halloween Annie I made from a pattern from Back Porch Pickins. I love how she turned out!

Here is a picture of the signs we made to take to the show. I think the only one that didn't sell out of this pile was the Spooky Hollow. We should have made it into a stake and then I think it would have sold.

This is a picture of some of my favorite things. My husband made these cute little treat sacks from an old Martha Stewart magazine. We sold several of these yesterday. It was crazy, we had some old burlap bags left over from the corn show and we put some weeds in the bags and they sold for $5 each. How crazy is that? My Mom joked that she finally got my Dad to cut the grass. Sorry it has been so long in between posts but my honey and I took a week to rest and relax on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale and then I worked liked crazy getting ready for that craft show. Hope all of you are enjoying these beautiful Fall days!