Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday break is almost over

What a time we've had for the second half of November! Let me start off by saying the highlight had to be moving into our new home. Being able to put the kids clothes away in their closets has made getting off to school so much easier. The 20 minute drive every morning has now been shorten to just a couple. My husband has worked his crazy Thanksgiving holiday schedule and I am really glad that its over. At least for a week before the Christmas rush kicks in. Our Thanksgiving was pretty ordinary. The kids and I spent it at my folks house. The only exciting thing that happened was the 911 operator called to ask who called 911 and hung up. Five kids running around it was hard to come up with a name immediately but we narrowed it down to two. The suspects were my son and my sisters daugther. Since my son thinks you can dial 991 I pretty much figured it was my niece. After the rather large sheriff's deputy left, my sister asked which phone her daughter had used and she said "the one by the computer". She vehemently swore she was not responsible but it is pretty easy to trick a five year old into confessing.

Black Friday was an event that I seem to do about once evey five years. It takes me that long to forget why I don't do it. My three kids were actually begging me to leave Toys R Us it was so crowded. We logged about 7 hours of shopping and my parents took us with them. My mother was on the search for a black cashmere sweater. We went to several better department stores before she found one at Kohl's. Meantime I had to give my oldest the socks off my feet because kids don't think they need to leave the house with socks on and his shoe had given him blisters.

Saturday was a rare day off for the hubby. He wanted to have his folks and his cousin Beth over for dinner so we stayed home and cleaned and organized. He made a fabulous prime rib and a ham. He was so proud of the kitchen he had designed. He loved showing it off to his family. We had a really nice evening and played a fun new scrabble-type game called Banagrams.

Sunday the last day of the kids break and the kids and I did as little as possible. I just wanted to lay on the couch with them and watch movies. There are so many good holiday movies on tv this time of year. Great day to just tend the fire and be couch potatoes. I guess you could say we accomplished something... my son can now tie his own snow boots! I'm trying to get him to help me teach his twin how to also.

I'm going to try to make this a gratitude journal as much as help me keep track of my too fast growing brood. So here goes... What I am most grateful for every day of the year is the wonderful family I have been blessed with. My husband who works so hard so that we can have a good life and I can stay at home with the kids, my sweet "angels", my folks, my sister and her oh-so-cute girls. Those will be a given. Today I am thankful for the beautiful snow that fell all day and leftovers. It allowed me to have a "bum" day with those fast growing weeds I call my kids.

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