Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Make me one and Pics of the new kitty!

My sister found this in a boutique on our little trip to LeClaire, Iowa and wants me to make her one. I know I can do one but not sure if it would be that pretty when I'm done. Isn't it just the cutest banner, tho?
Introducing Jazzpurr (Jasper) our new little bundle of teeth and claws. He only drew blood on two of us today:)

Here he is trying to sleep on my husband's hand as he moves the "mouse" on the mousepad.
I'll try to post pictures of out daytrip to Leclaire tomorrow I'm getting SLEEPY and the cat keeps stepping on the keyboard.

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vivian said...

awww! your kitten is so cute. Jasper was the name of my 16 year old baby that I had to put down in feb. Its a purrfect kitty name! I hope your jasper turns out to be as wonderful a pet and family member as my Jasper was!