Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just playing around with Arts & Crafts

This is an auction on eBay I put on for my parents. This is an auction for 1000 vintage buttons.

I love experimenting with Fridas. The Frida on the left is painted on a piece of scrap muslin and the one on the right is on a piece of canvas. I figure while I'm practicing why use up canvases. I had fun making my version of this cute little dollie. There is a free template for her at Martha Stewart's website. She is from the Etsy powerhouse seller Black Apple.

I sat down a couple days ago and had an art day with the kids and I was trying to do an Uncle Sam. This is my first attempt since grade school of doing a whole body so I know I need more practice to get the porportions right but overall I kinda like his folk art look.
Today I am going to the little town of LeClaire, Iowa with my Mom, Sis and cousin Merideth. My incredibly smart cousin is going to be in Moscow, Russia for the next 10 months working for a fellowship. We feel lucky that we get to spend the day with her in a charming Mississippi River town. I'll take some pictures and report back with any goodies that I find there.


Jenn said...

oooh I love the buttons. I have such an adoration for vintage buttons!!! Your Fridas are so cute. and I think Uncle Sam is just perfect! Really fun...I love him!

Happy weekend:)

Adriana Whitney said...

Oh I love buttons too! I will check those out.
Your Fridas are beautiful, I love her.
Thank you for giving me encouraging words the other day. I was feeling down but I al all better now.
Hugs xoxox

Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

That is a nice collection of buttons there, I love buttons. Heck my blog name includes the word button!

Great work on the Fridas, they are some of the cutest fridas!

Anonymous said...

Your body on Sam is fantastic, his arms a great length and his body is very well in proportion. It looks so lovely.

Cindy's idea with tattoo's is great.
Much better than the real one's and you can change them.
My daughter's own an arm sock which is skin colour and has tattoo's covered over all. When they put it on their arm it looks like real tattoo's.
Just hope they are not getting idea's,lol!

I would love to see your next art, keep going your on a roll!
Uncle Dam is very cute!