Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to art! My first Halloween Painting

I love Halloween and I love cupcakes!
These are just to show how the worked progressed

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. My childhood memories were getting to choose a costume, have a little party at school and then go trick or treating with my plastic pumpkin bucket. This painting reminds me of the Halloween cupcakes that were brought in with cute little plastic decorations on top of them. My boys are lucky enough to go to a school that lets the kids were a costume in the school's parade. They parade past each other then go back to their class for some fruit juice and treats. I know some people like to make Halloween into something more than a chance to play dress up and get treats but to me that is what Halloween represents. One day a year you can be anything you want and eat sweets. What do you like best about Halloween?


Heather said...

aw! now this is too cute! I LOOOOVE halloween as well! Fall in general is so wonderful...

Heather said...

Im so pleased you love your postcards and the other goodies :) Go ahead and keep them for yourself-- I wont tell ;)
thanks again!