Sunday, August 23, 2009

More Pics From Bishop Hill

Plants for sale in a neat old wire stand.
Swedeish Flag with begonias decorating the front of the Red Oak Inn restaurant.
The front of the old colony store. There are large groupings of beautiful zinnias on the left side of the building. My favs:)
We were told that these ornately painted horses are a good luck symbol in Sweden. I'm not even sure that I captured half of what they had on their shelves in the Colony Store. They also have moose painted like the horses (shown towards the top of the picture).

Oh how I love places with a sense of history, charm and a relaxed atmosphere. Bishop Hill not only has an art gallery in an old iron works building, a super cute restaurant with fabulous food but an old time colony store! There is really something for everyone in there; candy in jars, kitchen goodies, Christmas ornaments made in Sweden. My ten year old son got to write in his end of year book at school all of his favorites and he listed this place. Definitely like mother like son.

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