Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back from Vacation

My son got chosen to pick out an alligator for this alligator wrestler . Of course he picked out the one in the middle. Do you happen to notice where this guy is holding the gator? Right by his neck! This is super scary to me. I wonder what his mother thinks of him doing this.

We just got back from our Florida trip. We stayed at Vacation Village in Orlando/Kissimee. The weather cooperated with highs near or just above 80 and sunshine everyday. What luck that was compared to last year when we went to the Naples/San Marco area and had to wear our winter coats. I have decided I love Florida. I am actually looking forward to moving there for the winters when my husband can retire from work. It truly is the fountain of youth. My boys had a fabulous time at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Their favorite ride was the Spiderman ride. It had great special effects! The Universal Studios park I liked a little better because it wasn't all about the rides. I started to get a little green from the Jimmy Neutron ride and the Simpsons ride made me want to toss my cookies. But the very best part was Gatorland. It was our second trip back to Gatorland. They have absolutely huge breeding gators there. They claimed to have 100 females and 30 males in their breeding marsh. My oldest loved the white gators they just got in from Louisiana.

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~Tonya said...

Wow Heidi, sounds like you all had a fabulous time. I would not my son to wrestle a scary for me.

I have never been to Florida, but I bet it is beautiful.

Have a wonderful evening.