Monday, February 23, 2009

A Game for Bloggers and a coupon link to TGIF

I just read The Spotted Sparrow blog about Googling your name with a needs in front of it. Choose the top five and post them to your blog. Here goes Heidi needs: attention, more privacy, to finish her latest novel, one more drink and a trainer. It is almost a complete list!

Let me start with attention. Lets just say that with kids in school full time & married to the same man for almost 15 years I could definitely use more attention. The privacy thing is true too. We built a house last year and I still haven't decided what curtains I want for my bedroom and bath. Next is the novel thing but I don't think I have one in me. One more drink? Why not? And a personal trainer well, I could stand to lose 2, 3, or 20 lbs. I'm too cheap to hire one tho.

Just one more thing Click here: T.G.I. Friday's® Worldwide - Buy One Get One Free . If you and your honey need a cheap date this would work. The coupon is buy one dinner and get one free. It expires on March 1st. No need to sign up for anything just print out the coupon and forget about doing the dishes. Hope all of you are having a great day!


~Tonya said...

My List would be practically the same as yours Heidi. LOL

I enjoyed reading your post.

Oh and the TGIF thing, wish we had one. I would take the coupon.

Have a great evening.

Jenn said...

oh that's funny! I'll have to do that:) Have a happy weekend!!! xoxo...jenn