Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thanks Cookie!

TDIPT Group (To Dwell in Past Times) just had their third anniversary for their group of awesome artists. They had a giveaway and look what I was fortunate enough to win! This is an amazing piece of art donated by artist Karen DeGreve aka "Cookie". This mask is made of paper mache and is just perfect for hanging on the wall. Here is a link to her blog. http://curds-and-whey.blogspot.com/Check out her latest post of Fall leaves in No. Missouri. She obviously has a wonderful creative eye with her camera as well!
Thank you so much Cookie! It is a treasure for my family to enjoy for years to come!


Micki said...

Wow awesome prize! lucky you x

The Vintage Sister said...

That IS a great prize. I'll have to check out her stuff.
Thanks for the well wishes!!

Cookie said...

You are very welcome Heidi!
I hope you get years of lovin' from that ole Santa ♥