Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pesky cat and Fireplace makeover

This is a picture of the kitty's behind. He actually climbed underneath the couch and somehow managed to climb into the bottom of the couch. This is also the reason I was woke up at least three times last night! Naughty kitty!

My fireplace just got its mantle thanks to my parents. My Mom's nagging and my Dad's handiwork. Just a little staining left to do. He had leftover pieces when he got done, should I be scared?
I found this picture to show what the fireplace used to look like. Big improvement I think!

Another picture of our craft show we did. Almost everything we put on this table sold. We bought the metal pumpkins at Goodwill and spray painted them silver. A lady came by and bought them both. The little pumpkins with the ribbons were just dollar store pumpkins spray painted with ribbons attached. One lady bought all we had! My sister had a great time using up my german glass glitter to bling several of the things she made. Almost everything on this table was done by her. She really liked the idea black, white and silver for Halloween this year.

This is a great picture of some of my kinfolk. This is for you Aunt Char!
Wishing you a beautiful time!


Heather said...

yay for halloween! and those kitties are ornery....we used to have a cat that would climb up into the bottom of the mattress and knock around in there, drove me crazy!~

Frugal Jen said...

The fireplace looks great!!

From my post, I think my #2 movie is Sound of Music. We enjoyed visiting the Salzburg this summer and seeing some of the places in person. Did you know most Austrians have never seen the movie? Just an American movie.

lori vliegen said...

hi heidi! your fireplace turned out beautifully! and your little kitty is so cute.... if your couch is anything like mine, he would have found lots of extra money for catnip!! thanks for your blog visit and your sweet comment!! :))