Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dad's Ornaments plus

My Dad has really improved his painting skills in the past year! He came over yesterday and he painted some little brown paper packages I had made up from a paper grocery sack and a cracker box. He looked at my new Santa and Snowman as models and then he painted these. I think he did and awesome job! He didn't sign his work. He told me to do it so I put his initials on the bottom. I have to admit I added the bling :)
These are the ones I made up. I used canvas ribbon, string, chenille candy canes, a rusty jingle bell and just a sprinkle of glass glitter. The snowman I used acrylics and India ink. Just thought I would show you what I have accomplished today. Now its back to work! I'm so glad that tomorrow is the open house! :) Happy day to you!

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