Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A feel good story

Wow! It is really snowing around here today. It is sooo beautiful! It really puts me in the Christmas mood. To put you all in the christmas mood I thought I would show you one of my creations. I made this mousie from a red wool felted sweater and embroidered "laugh" on a strip of osnaburg. He then got a rusty jingle bell and safety pin to keep his warm blanket around him. I couldn't take a picture of him on my tree yet. I think we are going to be in for a snow day tomorrow so I'm going to have the boys help me do that.

Here is another picture of the stars I made for my show. Be sure to leave me a comment on either this post or my last for your chance to win one. I'll pick a winner this Friday.

So I got an email last night from a friend of mine who informed me there are 10 kids who are coming to school without a winter coat. One of the boys is coming in a coat too small to zip up and some are coming wrapped in blankets. This is a school in a poor section of my hometown and just happens to be the same elementary school my Mom attended. I passed the email along to my parents and several of my hometown friends. My Dad took up a collection from his breakfast group this morning. He asked his friends to chip in a $. Some did more and one sweet man (this man lost his only son as a child) was heading out to a department store to buy a new coat. Well my parents took the money that Dad had rasied and went to the local Salvation Army thrift store. My Mom picked out two nice, heavy winter coats, two pairs of snowpants, and some hats and gloves. The workers at the Salvation Army gave them everything for a mere $7. They still had leftover money from the collection and were at last report on their way to the Goodwill to see what else they could find. I love to hear of people knowing of a need and doing something about it.



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LINDSAY said...

thanks for stopping by my blog to compliment my doll Heidi! so sweet of you :)

lori vliegen said...

your little mousie is so cute (and i'm LOVING those happy stars!!). he will be warm in his blanket, and all of those sweet children that your parents are helping with new coats will be nice and warm too!! :))

robin_titan said...

Oh my that is just the sweetest story I've heard this whole year.

I'm also in the Christmas mood because it snowed here in Houston last friday! It pretty much NEVER snows here! It was so great and beautiful.
Oooh and I would love to try and get a cute adorable star ;)

The Vintage Sister said...

Aww, such a nice story. I can't imagine having to send my children out in a blanket.
Love the little stars!

And don't worry, Alex is 6 and still has what he likes to call "little accidents" because he waits till the last minute to go to the bathroom. God forbid he stop playing video games to pee. BOYS!

Enjoy the snow:)

Janean said...

your mouse and stars are adorable. you have so much talent! you also have a big heart to help children with coats. open hand-open heart indeed. :)

noodle and lou said...

oh that is an awesome story!! thanks so much for sharing that with us. completely warms my heart!!!! love your little mouse and the stars are SOOOO cute!!! gosh, i love it all:) would love the chance to win one...hoooOray!


p.s. thanks for the little snowmen ornaments love:) i may just have a couple more this weekend. i've run out of my little vintage tins:)

Kaili said...

Lovely creations Heidi, the mouse is so sweet!

Nerm said...

Your story is the best Christmas story I've heard this year. Very heartwarming! We are all so blessed. I love your little mousey-my 87 yr old mother collects mice & I'd love to give it to her. Nerm