Friday, December 18, 2009

Donating These to the Local Art Center and More Stars

This is a painting I did for the local art center. My family and I took part last year and had so much fun seeing what each other dreamed up, we had to do it again! This needs a title. What do you think? I was trying to paint a loving couple holding the "key" to each other's heart. I'm up for suggestions. :)

So last year my sister did two so I thought I should try to do two this year. It is abstract and not what I normally paint but I was trying to branch out a bit. This also needs a title. My young niece and I call this "Shark Bubbles" but again I need suggestions.

Do stars on your Christmas tree make you happy? I don't know why I like stars on my Christmas tree so much but I have at least 5 star ornies!

Here is a Santa quilted star ornie. He's been around for several years now but I still think he is great. What's also great is that it is an "unbreakable" ornie for a house with three growing boys and a Christmas-tree-climbing-kitty.

This is my newest star ornie I won from one of Jane Says giveaways. It was made by Wordz of life from an old quilt. I just love it!

What about you? What tops your list of favorite ornaments?

Happy Friday to you!



Anonymous said...

These are so cute, love your art!

~Tonya said...

Hello Heidi,

So neat that you make art for the art center. I don't have any suggestions for your paintings, I am terrible at it. I struggle with that part....

As for stars, yes I love stars too. Something about them and they can be made so many different ways.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the new year.

As for me, my favorite ornaments would have to be the olde time looking ones or ones we have made.

Have a grand day.