Sunday, December 14, 2008

Getting in the Christmas spirit

Today I am going to have my parents and a couple of friends over for our tree trimming party. Oh, I should call me sweetheart sister to see if she could come too...see it does help to journal. The sunrise is gorgeous this morning. It is mostly blues with streaks of pink, peaches and cream. It's good to see the beauty of nature this time of year. I think winter, after the beautiful sparkling snow has melted, can start to look a little dreary.

I am trying to improve my artistic talents. There is so much beautiful art online that I want to see if I can do it. My goal is to get good enough to sell online and at craft shows. There is a huge craft show twice a year 15 minutes from where I live and when I go see booths with "imported" craft concoctions I just walk right by. The last time I went I found only one booth out of a couple hundred that I went back to buy from. By the time I got back the lady was almost completely sold out. The show couldn't have been going for more than 90 minutes and she had very few things in her booth. Reasonable prices and super cute stuff must have been popular with lots of other shoppers too.

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~Tonya said...

Hi Heidi,

Thank you for your kind words, when you stopped by my blog.

I appreciate it. Thought I would stop by and visit you :)

I am sure you could make some goodies. So much to be made and so many different things. I too love the HANDMADE things at shows. Non of the imported stuff for me. That is always the stuff that sells the fastest around here too.

You have a great weekend and a wonderful Christmas.